This is for resolution wherein respondent Cameron Granville 3 Asset Management filed a motion for reconsideration on this court (SC) over its resolution which reversed and set aside the CA’s resolution and ordered respondent to produce the Loan Sale and Purchase agreement (LSPA) including its annexes and attachments if any, in order that petitioners may inspect or photocopy the same. 

This motion for reconsideration raises the following points:
The LSPA is privileged and confidential document


WON the LSPA is a privileged and confidential document


The court held that, the respondent’s invocation of the LSPA as privileged and confidential is untenable. The court held that privileged communication under the rules of evidence is premised on an accepted need to protect a trust relationship. It has not been shown that the parties to the deed of assignment fall under any of the foregoing categories present in sec 24 of rule 130 if the Rules of Court. 

Further, the respondent failed to discharge the burden of showing that the LSPA is a privileged document. The respondent failed to present and law or regulation that considers bank documents such as the LSPA as classified information.

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